Even though most actors are out of work at the minute, it's not like they're going to be that way forever - and that goes especially for John Krasinski.

Like most of us, Krasinski has had a lot of free time on his hands since all this started, so sure enough, he decides to set up 'Some Good News', a heartwarmingly intimate YouTube show that delivers on the name and his inimitable charm. Well, after eight episodes and plenty of guest spots from his former colleagues on 'The Office', Krasinski sold up to ViacomCBS for an undisclosed sum.

As you'd expect, creating something that was as lo-fi and human as this to a faceless corporate entity was never going to sit well with anyone, but for Krasinski, it was either close the whole thing down or sell it on and hope that it can continue in the same fashion. Krasinski was interviewed by his old pal, Rainn Wilson, on his Instagram about a wide range of topics, and, sure enough, the sale of 'Some Good News' to ViacomCBS came up.

"Well it's funny, it was one of those things where I was only planning on doing eight of them during quarantine, because I have these other things that I'm going to be having to do very soon, like 'Jack Ryan' and all this other stuff," Krasinski said. "More than that... writing, directing, and producing — all those things — with a couple of my friends was so much."

Krasinski added that the show just wasn't sustainable with all of his other work, but added that he would have loved to keep doing the show forever and said it was the "most emotionally fulfilled I've ever felt in my life."

"We have a lot of really fun stuff planned, and I can't wait to dig in," he added, concerning the new series. "I'm going to be a part of it whenever I can, and I'm going to host a couple and bring on a different community of people. But we're really, really excited about it."