There are some serious Grinchs out there.

Des Murphy from Artane is the owner of one of the best Christmas light and display set ups in the country and has raised over €70,000 for charity over the last 12 years with it. This week however Des woke up to find that some absolute scumbag had gone and stolen the ceramic Santa, sleigh and two reindeer that were set to be the centerpiece of this year's display and is understandably 'sickened'.

'I want this Santa sleigh brought back immediately. I’m sickened, I really am.' he told the Independent. 'I had a wonderful display planned to open this weekend. I felt like not opening it this year, but I’ll go ahead anyway.' 76-year-old Murphy has been making the displays ever since he saw them in America, and this year even has three cowboys, some elephants and some dinosaurs (which is just amazing).

Des and his family are now appealing for the safe return of their Santa. And in the spirit of Christmas we say that if they just return it, we'll forget about the whole thing (although we'd pelt you with candy canes while you were doing so).