If you've ever been teased for treating your pets like they were your own children well then you're about to be vindicated. 

Some big companies have started to introduce 'Pawternity Leave'. Yes that's right. Time off to help their new pets settle into their homes. 

New research by insurance company PetPlan says that one in twenty new pet owners in the UK has been offered time off to take care of a new pet, whether it’s a few days to help a puppy get settled in, or several weeks of paid time away.

Seems about right to us. The time is in addition to their annual leave and can be used for vet appointments, toilet training or even cuddling. 

Mars Petcare (the makers of Whiskas and Pedigree Chum) offers employees ten hours of paid leave when they buy a new pet and once the pets have settled in, they’re allowed to join their owners in the office.

BitSol Solutions, a tech support company, are an example of a non pet themed company that have a 'Pawternity Leave' policy. 

It's only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory everywhere right?

Via Metro