Ah bless.

A young girl has been reunited with her lost teddy bear after a social media campaign brought her home.

Two year-old Tara Houten lost her favourite teddy, a little hippo, originally when her family's dogs tore the thing in two. Her mother, Deirdre Mulvihill, tracked down a replacement hippo and drove - actually drove - always the way to Sligo from Longford to replace said hippo.

However, a few days ago, Tara was separated yet again from her hippo when she misplaced it in a shopping centre in Longford.

Thinking quickly, Deirdre shared her plight on Facebook - which soon went viral with over 800 shares across social media.

As it turned out, the shopping centre had kept the hippo aside for her to return, but a young boy and his father had mistakenly taken the toy home with them.

"The young boy's father spotted it on Facebook and got in touch to say he had found it and sent on a photo of it."

Sure enough, Tara and Dodo the Hippo were reunited, with mum Deirdre actually making a clip for the stuffed toy so that it doesn't go missing from her side again.

As for the wee lad who found Dodo, Deirdre's sent him on a replacement hippo so everything worked out.



Via Longford Leader