This is indeed a lot to take in at this hour of a Monday, but news has been rapidly circulating this weekend that Winnie The Pooh - despite the dulcet tones, and the choice of attire - is actually a girl. Not that we should be boxing anyone in, mind. 

To all important "details". According to Cosmopolitan - and several other outlets - "Thanks to a new picture book called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, we've found out that the world's most famous bear (second only perhaps to Paddington - are you going to turn around and tell us he's a she now, too?) was named after a black bear who lived in London Zoo."

Seeming the book was written by Lindsay Mattick, who just so happened to be the granddaughter of the gentleman who transported Winnie from Canada to England.


The reports adds that "A little boy named Christopher Robin used to visit Winnie lots at London Zoo, and was so attached to her that he even named his toy bear after Winnie. Christopher's dad just so happened to have an author - A. A. Milne - as his father, who went on to write the classic series of books with a bear named Winnie."

Irrespective of gender, Channing Tatum still nails it