If Vulture's interview with Kathleen Turner is anything to go by, she isn't so much brutally honest as she clearly has run out of f**ks to give and is willing to put anyone on blast if she feels like it.

Honestly, that level of honesty is just refreshing to see, and while most people appear to be zeroing in on Kathleen Turner's comments on 'Friends' - whom she described as 'cliquey', and refused to speak on their acting abilities - there's a far more juicier bit of gossip to be gleaned from the interview. Namely, who exactly was it that Kathleen Turner was damning with slight praise?

Per Vulture's interview, Turner named - but asked that it not be printed - a very famous Hollywood personality who "has played the same role for 20 years. She even looks pretty much the same." It didn't end there, either, as Turner said that while this unnamed personality was "probably one of the richest women out there," she said that she'd rather shoot herself if she were like that.

The whole interview is fascinating and revealing, both about Turner's attitudes to Hollywood and her status as well, but the question remains - who was Kathleen Turner talking about? Your own answers on a postcard, please.