One of the most well-know stereotypes of the Irish is that we have a fondness for the drink, but perhaps its time people started saying that about Belarus instead. 

Plenty of countries around the world have some sort of association with booze, be it that the Russians drink vodka all the time, the French can't get enough wine or us poor aul Irish split our free time equally between the activities of spud munchin', hard fightin' and heavy drinkin'.

These are, of course, all stereotypes, and according to new data released by the World Health Organisation and compiled by The Wall Street Journal, while we're still drinking a fair bit, we're by no means the worst in the world, as we sit 21st in the table. It's a table filled with booze, but still...

Chart via Wall Street Journal

Hopefully this news won't come as a blow to the pubs, who found out just last week that they are the main reason that people are coming here at all on their holidays.  

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