It's been in some of the papers today and will undoubtedly feature across news bulletins all day, but what exactly happened with Roy Keane last night?

The Irish team are currently staying at the Portmarnock Hotel in Dublin where they're training for their next fixture against Scotland in Glasgow.

According to reports, a man - who was known to the FAI - approached Keane in the lobby of the Portmarnock Hotel, holding Keane's biography.

He then tore up the book directly in front of Keane, stumbled, and then fell back, all of which was caught on CCTV.

Keane then phoned Gardai immediately and the man was taken to Beaumont Hospital and released shortly afterwards. The man is understood to have been uninjured in the incident.

No charges have been brought against Keane yet, as far as we're told.

The FAI released a short statement thereafter, saying that they were fully aware of the incident and Keane's full support.


via TodayFM / The Sun