What's more believable? Britney being hold up in a dance studio because she's about to embark on a world tour, or because she's teaching infants how to dance to Madonna tracks? According to IMDB: "Robert Baker, the co-owner of Millennium dance studios, was impressed with the way an upbeat Spears interacted with the children and led the class wearing 'her favorite brown cowboy boots, fishnet stockings, a red short skirt, and a bluish greenish top that hangs down past her skirt.' He recalls, 'She comes in, she winds them up, and then tells them, 'I guess I have to introduce myself to you guys!' She worked out this great little routine for them, they were dancing all over the place, she had them dancing in a circle like a choo-choo train. The kids loved it - they are having a ball right now. And Britney - she's just drinking it up. She's totally enjoying herself. It's an amazing class - she and the kids are certainly enjoying the process... Britney's telling me that she likes this so much that she's thinking about making it a regular thing, possibly every other week. She loves to interact with the kids, and she feels that it's important to give back to the dance community'." That all sounds just super and mutually beneficial, really it does. OK, now what's more inappropriate? Kids being taught how to dance to 'Like a Virgin', or kids being taught how to dance by someone dressed like a hooker?