Anyone else have a Ryan Giggs poster on their wall as a youngling? I did, not that I was into football... Giggs, with his shiny tendrils bouncing before those beautiful brown eyes, kept me captivated for nigh on 20 years - until now. Whenever Terry, or Rooney, or Cole, or "that monster" Crouch would willfully do the dirty on their other halves with the cheapest of offerings I'd think: "all footballers aren't scumbags, look at Ryan Giggs." Now even that's gone down the crapper. Well done, Premiership footballers, yisser all now officially scumbags - albeit only in the eyes of those haven't been wooed by your ability to kick a ball into a net.

To the facts. Despite obtaining one of those 'super injunction' thingies, Twitter first outed him, then Scottish newspaper The Sunday Herald outed him, and finally - yesterday - a member of Parliament outed him. The Sun reports: "John Hemming used parliamentary privilege, a 300-year-old legal immunity allowing MPs to speak freely in the Commons, to name Giggs as the footballer in the Twitter injunction row. Lib Dem Mr Hemming later said he identified married dad-of-two Giggs, 37, because his lawyers were targeting ordinary people simply for gossiping about him. He added: 'When he sued Twitter, it was clear what he was doing. He was going after the ordinary people who have been gossiping about him on Twitter. To prosecute someone for contempt of court is quite a serious step. It comes with an up to two-year jail sentence. I've spoken to people of ordinary means who have received these injunctions. I've also spoken to people who faced jailing in secret hearings and who were subject to anonymity orders themselves. This is a really oppressive system. So on one side you have a footballer upset that people are gossiping about him and on the other side you have ordinary people facing the threat of a two-year jail sentence. I think it's wrong he has the power to do this, but at least if he is going to do this, let him be held to account... Before he sued Twitter, there was no public interest in naming him. However, when his lawyers decided to go on a 'search and destroy' against the ordinary people who gossip on Twitter, he had taken a step that should not be done anonymously... With about 75,000 people having named Ryan Giggs on Twitter, it is obviously impracticable to imprison them all.'

Priort to John Hemming making a name for himself, Prime Minister David Cameron said on ITV's Daybreak "that he 'like everybody else' knew knew the identity of the footballer, who yesterday had been mentioned an astonishing 75,000 times on Twitter... He added: 'What I've said in the past is the danger is that judgments are effectively writing a new law, which is what Parliament is meant to do. So I think the Government has got to take some time out, have a proper look at this, have a think about what we can do. But I'm not sure there's a simple answer'."

Naturally enough, Twitter was set alight last night after father of two, Giggs, was named in Parliament, with one user saying "How do you feel now then #Giggs? Trying to silence the press and media isn't on."

I'd imagine that "well known Scottish actor" who inserted himself into the same paid orifice utilised by Wayne Rooney while his Coleen was pregnant, is squirming slightly in his manties right about now. In the meantime, Imogen Thomas plans to "take legal action to defend herself against accusations that she tried to blackmail" Giggs.

Finally, here be a gallery of some of Manchester United's finest players, posing with ladies they're happy to be pictured with.