So all that horse meat floating about Europe in burgers and frozen lasagnes and such? Well now there's word that there might be some donkey thrown in there too. Something to maybe not tell the childers next time they watch Shrek.

There's some scaremongering going on regarding how horse meat could have gotten mixed into all that food that's been in the news of late, and one finger of blame is pointing at a law banning horse-drawn carts on Romanian which was only recently enforced. Some industry officials are jumping to conclusions/scapegoating on this by assuming that all these no longer road legal equines were sent straight to the slaughterhouse instead of spending time on the farm. And of course they're linking the fact that donkeys were also banned in the process and making 2 plus 2 equal donkey burgers. Vice-president of the European Parliament agriculture committee Jose Bove has said that number is in the 'millions'.

So... Tofu for lunch then?