Seemingly Robbie Williams has been recording alien themed songs during a stint at Trout Lake, Washington. Random alien enthusiast, Michael Cluckman (?!), said:

"Trout Lake is America's No1 UFO hotspot. If there is any place on Earth where humans are likely to have open contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation, it is there. What better person to roll out the welcome mat than Robbie Williams, one of the most recognisable and beloved performers on the planet? Robbie took the opportunity to write several new songs about aliens. I wouldn't be surprised if he was planning an alien album... Robbie needs to be trained for contact with highly-advanced aliens. The brainwave machine I recommend is like the biofeedback machines Nasa use with their astronauts. But this one is specially designed to boost psychic powers for telepathic communication between humans and aliens."

What a load of hooey. When you break up with your model/actress/gremlin girlfriend, is the best place to get back in touch with oneself really a reputed alien haven named after Leslie Ash? Does no one go to Vegas anymore?! The old Robbie would have. Although this new Robbie might be on to something regarding an "alien album" - his music hasn't exactly been understood by human kind for quite some time now.