Yep, that's Kylie Jenner. We all wanted to believe it was just "contouring" (especially given she's the tender age of 17), but these yokes are of Pete Burns proportions...

A load of people have been busying themselves with collage aps on Twitter, which is very handy for me. Here's just some of the many before-and-after shots doing the rounds.

So, what has Kylie got to say on the matter? Surprisingly she's not going for the dignified silence option, or the all out denial (a la Victoria 'I've not had me bewbs done' Beckham a few years back), she's instead opting for a "gerrouverit" mentality. Apologies, Kylie, but those lips are simply too big for us to get over.

Taking to her Twitter, she posted the following:

If you're so bored, why not try posting something other than the ballooning of your face to Instagram?