We knew Jennifer Lawrence had issues, but we didn't think they were as bad as this to be honest.

I mean, to actually fangirl Kim Kardashian of all people (she doesn't strike us as one who requires bolstering compliments) in public is another level to admitting you're addicted to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to a recent interview via The Sun, Kim said: "I was in NYC and I ran into Jennifer Lawrence. We said ‘Hi’ and walked into the elevator and as the doors were closing, she screamed across the lobby, ‘I love your show!'... We were laughing so hard!"

Naw, that Jennifer Lawrence, she doesn't give a hoot what people think of her, and that's why we love her.
In other Kardashian related news (I'm not doing a separate post), Khloe Kardashian had this to say of the rumours that Kendall Jenner slept with Scott Disick..

No, they WANT you to have an affair. Or at least do more podcasts together. As ever, Kourtney Kardashian - Scott's actual partner - remained tight lipped...