We've written extensively about the iPhone 6 the past few weeks. The phone sold a staggering 10 million units in its first weekend of release, as folk waited in line for literal weeks before Apple put the blower up for sale.

You have two options when you want to buy a new iPhone 6; you can either go with the regular iPhone, or the iPhone 6 plus. Which, essentially, is a bigger version of the normal one. Grand. Big is trendy now and all that. But less than a week after the phone's release, some folk have managed to find a problem. A weird one.

A user on the popular Macrumors Forum posted the below.

So while the ultra slim design is super hip and generally aesthetically pleasing, if you happen to be wearing tight pants and sitting on your hole for a long period of time, you might end up with a curved iPhone 6 plus.

Ah shite, that's totally going to become a thing now, isn't it?

Source: Uproxx