Jedward and Donald Trump in the same (bad) movie? It's not just your worst cinematic nightmare, folks - it almost really happened.

Trump, according to David Latt - the founder of the studio who make the Sharknado films - was in talks to play the POTUS in the third installment of the franchise, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Sarah Palin was originally eyed up for the role in 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' in 2015, said Latt, but then they decided to approach Trump.

“The Donald said yes," he revealed. "He was thrilled to be asked”.

He said that Trump's attorney then contacted him to let him know that he had to pull out for an unspecified reason - later revealed to be the fact that we was planning on running as an actual presidential candidate - and film critic Mark Cuban got the role, which Latt said enraged Trump.

He said that another communication from his attorney “basically said, ‘How dare you? Donald wanted to do this. We’re going to sue you! We’re going to shut the entire show down!’”

There's still time, y'know...