In another "twist", which I'll maintain comes from the mind of Simon Cowell by way of Max Clifford, 32-year-old Caroline Flack is now getting death threats due to her publicised union with the child Styles off One Direction.

As ever, the conduit for the "threats" was Twitter, with several randomers posting such fuzzy sentiments as "die bitch", "want you to die" and simply "DIE" on her page. There were other more in depth tweets like "If caroline flack flirts with my boyfriend (Harry) I will personally hunt her down and shoot her." And "I want to kill you Caroline Flack, Harry is mine B****" There was also this one, which made me feel really nubile and sprightly "Stay the **** away from Harry you saggy old woman..."

The invariably present source said: "Twitter just went mad. People have been saying really horrible things. Caroline's really upset and shaken with how nasty some members of the public are being. It's pretty horrific receiving threats on your life... He (Harry) was straight on the phone as soon as he heard Caroline had been getting death threats. He felt awful that she had to bear the brunt after they were seen out together. He's trying to convince Caroline that this is just a storm in a teacup and the anger will blow over."

Caroline would want to remember that these are quite possible (assuming they're not Max Clifford) 14-year-old girls hiding behind the internet, and each other when out packs. Get them on their own and it's a different story.

Caroline responded with: "Hi One Direction fans! To clarify. I'm close friends with Harry… he's one of the nicest people I know. I don't deserve death threats."

In their eyes you do, 'cause he's your "close friend", and you've just verified that he's the nicest person you "know", and they never will... If you're trying to reason with them, you're bats. However, if you wanted to rub them up the wrong way, job done.

In short, best just ignore them in future. Unless you're trying to publicise the Xtra Factor. In which case, then just pull their pigtails, screech "Na na ne na naaaaagh" before rubbing an autographed poster of Harry against your massive boobs.