Um, so this is very strange - and invariably extremely distressing. Although, sometimes, you just have to laugh - if at all possible given the situation. 

The Dancing With The Stars contestant (who's playing a blinder alongside professional Derek Hough), and the daughter of the late great Steve Irwin, has been asked by a judge to prove that her father died almost a decade ago. To be more specific: "A judge has rejected the Australian personality's Dancing With the Stars contract because the court wants proof that her famous dad, Steve Irwin, is really dead."

According to reports via Us Weekly: "Bindi - who is going into Week 9 of the show - has earned an estimated $230,000 so far. She will reportedly take home $50,000 a week for the final two weeks if she makes it to the end."

So, what's the problem exactly? Well, given Bindi is only 17, a special minor's contract had to be submitted by ABC to say that all the money she earned from the show would go to her. Her mother, and Terri Irwin, signed the contract, but the judge looking after the case is also requesting that Bindi's deceased father, Steve, also signs the contract. In fact, she's refusing to sign off on the contract until this happens. As this may prove difficult, hopefully a copy of his death certificate will suffice. 

Irwin died back in 2006 after being stabbed by a stingray. He was 44.