OK, so it wasn't a bar, it was in fact a restaurant - which obviously makes the alleged olive lopping even worse.

According to several sources - all of which have been reading The New York Post - Adele, Harry Styles off One Direction, and A-List movie star who hates singing (so we can write them off as a supergroup), Jennifer Lawrence, all met up for dinner in Craig's in LA, where they were seen "laughing, having an amazing time, being loud and throwing olives at people walking by."

That is all the information the Post has come across with as their findings amount to three lines under their 'sightings' section. They also located "Chris Rock dining alone at Ora di Pasta at the Plaza, surrounded by three bodyguards" and "Hugh Jackman at the Maidstone’s Living Room Restaurant in East Hampton" but there hasn't been countless online articles chronicling that. Like this gushing one courtesy of Vanity Fair... VANITY. FAIR.

They have an entire segment in which they discuss what the trio potentially discussed - when they weren't throwing olives at the norms.

"What did they talk about?! We feel like Taylor Swift (ex-boyfriend of Styles, potential frenemy of Lawrence, and... who knows what Adele thinks of her, they’re probably fine with each other) must have come up. We’d imagine at least two Will Ferrell movies were quoted at some point during the night. Jennifer probably made a self-deprecating joke about her Hunger Games radio hit (“Watch your back, ’Dele! I’m coming for you!”). Perhaps they discussed the range of colors that only those who have met Oprah can see."

Or perhaps they never met at all and someone at the New York Post is rubbing their mitts together with glee. There is no photographic evidence. WE DEMAND PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. In the glaring absence of it, here's a picture of Kim Kardashian's bottom leaving Craig's Restaurant, where the alleged dining experience took place.