Yep, he's a Lion now. No longer a dog. He got a sign from beyond or something.

Anyway, he wants to 'jack' Santa Claus for not visiting him as a child.

The rapper - who has recently rebranded himself as a reggae artist and officially left his past moniker, Snoop Dogg, behind - grew up in a poor area of California and as a result had to go without Christmas presents for many years, but says his underprivileged upbringing makes him grateful for everything he now receives.

He said: "Santa Claus never really came to the ghetto. When I see him I'mma jack him for all those years that I never saw him as a kid. When I was young we didn't really have much so I was never used to getting much... nowadays, every present is a blessing so I have nothing to complain about."

Snoop, 41, is hoping to keep things low-key over the holiday period this year, and sit in with his wife Shante, and their children Corde, Cordell and Cori and enjoy the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

He added: "[I'm looking forward to] All the good times with my family. Especially being able to spend quality time with my wife and kids. I'm going to be touring overseas for new years so I plan to lay low with the family for Christmas and catch the Lakers game. Hopefully they can turn it around by then and St. Nick can bless them with a win."