Twitter hasn't been doing as well as the suits on Wall Street would like when it comes to making money, and it has cost CEO Dick Costolo his job as he was forced to step down yesterday. 

While co-founder of the company Jack Dorsey has stepped in to the breach as interim CEO until they can find a replacement, one man hasn't wasted any time in getting his CV dusted off and applying for the gig:Snoop Dogg. 

The rapper and entrepreneur has plenty of followers on the platform, and he's already got his own hashtag going, which is half the battle as we understand it anyway. 

The conversation obviously moved on to the changes he would put in place to help the company "make that moolah" as he said himself, and things would look pretty different.

Of course, he does have the right type of business-focused mind to make it in the industry, as some of his lyrics from the past show us.

We're fairly sure that's how the song goes...right?

Via Wired