FINALLY. Snoop Dogg has said he's in the midst (of wanting) to release his own dictionary, aimed towards explaining his flowery vocabulary. What's he going to call it? Why, a Doggtionary of course.

Asked if he wanted to release his own phrase book (indeed, it wasn't an idea he gleaned from his own mind), the 39-year-old said: "Oh that's dope - I like that. A Doggtionary, where I break down my words, give you a definition and put it in a sentence with a noun, an adverb and an adjective." Yes, I'm surprised too.

Snoop went on to explain one of the phrases that he often uses, 'fo-shizzle', which he claims means 'definite'. He added to Q magazine: "To me, it just means for sure or a definite. Is everything cool? Fo-shizzle. You feeling good today? Fo-shizzle."

Ah, yet another person making a living out of talking shizzle, like the Teletubbies, 99% of politicians, Vanessa Feltz, and me (actually, I do alot more than that, but I shan't bore you with the details).

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