OK, this is "beef" (reconstituted or organic, the jury's still out) is pretty hard to follow via social meedja given that Azalea keeps posting/retweeting Tweets re Snoop and then deleting them, while Snoop keeps peppering his wildly prolific Instagram with memes of Azalea.

And when we say "prolific", dude (or rather someone who works for him) has a serious meme Instagram addiction; there's been over 100 posts in the last two days alone - so is it any wonder a middle aged rapper has picked a fight with some new blood? How else is he meant to keep himself entertained if he spends 95% of his existence on t'internet?

OK, so it seems things kicked off on Monday with Snoop ripping the mick out of Iggy's make up free photos. We're still trying to locate what he said. Anyway, the following memes then came courtesy of the rapper's Instagram.

He claimed the above was the "last post", but then he followed that with just a few more memes

Snoop also got extremely nasty by posting a video of a "white chicks" lookalike fellating an extremely long object, along with a caption we can't post here because its beyond grim. Essentially he thinks the Aussie rappers is a "fake wanna b black b***h". Therefore she deserves verbal abuse, including the C word, and a worrying amount of slap emoticons.

In short, he's gone WAY too far.

In response, fans have come forward with a multitude of tweets - most of which can be surmised by the following three...