If you're reading this in bed, tucked up underneath your blanket and wondering if you can get away with doing the bare minimum from home today - congratulations! You've made it to your first snow day of the year.

Now that the cold snap has officially made its way to Ireland, #Sneachta has been trending on Irish Twitter with users uploading some lovely snaps of the overnight snowfall.

With a mix of frost in some areas of the country, it seems out east got the brunt of the snow action with people in Dublin and the surrounding areas waking up to a light to a fairly substantial dusting of the white stuff.

Just take a look at some of these pictures, which make you feel rather smug about not having to leave the house today FOR ANYTHING. Don't do it - have a snow day.

Happy Sneachta Day! Now go refill your hot chocolate, stat, it's Friday after all.