As an app, Snapchat divides a lot of people. Some can't see the benefit in sending messages that are waiting to expire. Others think it's vain to constantly be sending selfies.

We're not going to argue with that, they're both quite good points, but on the other hand, it's a lot of fun and we can't stop ourselves. We can't explain why, but we just like using it. However, that doesn't mean there aren't a few problems with it.

Thankfully, one of the most annoying ones, its battery usage, has been fixed with a recent update. Available on both iOS and Android, Travel Mode will stop the app from automatically loading stories, which will see a huge reduction in the data the app uses, and leave your phone with a lot more juice.

You will have to tap your friend's updates, Live Stories, and Discover to view them while Travel Mode is engaged, meaning the app won't be burning through your phone's battery without you even realising it.

There's been a few other small changes with this update, but the only other one that sticks out to us is the fact that no longer are you limited to putting emojis in the line of text. From now on you can place them anywhere on screen, leaving more space in the text box for words, or LOL's, or haha's, or whatever it is that the kids are using these days.

Via The Verge