Snapchat got an update yesterday that introduced some new features and removed what turned out to be a beloved old feature, and the Twitterati were not thrilled about.

That's right, stick with us here because this is almost fanciful carry on, but, if you can believe it, the people of the internet managed to get upset about something. Shock, horror, etc.

The cause this time? Well, snapchat (their favoured vehicle for n00dz, as we understand it) got an update that changed a couple of features, one of which was the best friends feature. Essentially, it showed you the contacts that you used the most, and was a way for people to stalk what you were up to online and who you were talking to. Outraged with the change, the masses took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Of course, there were some people talking a little bit of sense about the removal of the best friends feature for those who spent much of their time stalking friends or partners, and pointing out the positive side to it all.

And then there were the conspiracies, because what's the internet without a conspiracy?

The other major change was the introduction of a 'Discover' tab, à la Twitter, where companies and brands will be able to send you content (advertising) that they want you to see.

A little while back, Snapchat turned down big bucks from a number of suitors and decided they would be able to make money on their own terms, so this is what they're betting on. Brands such as ESPN and The Daily Mail have already joined up, and they think it will bring something different to their social media presence.

The 'Discover' feature brought people plenty of sloth videos, which was popular, but it also brought them a type of QR code so that you can add people you meet, or tweet out your Snapchat ID a lot easier now using something that looks like this:

Overall, people are giving the whole thing pretty mixed reviews, but if you're really concerned about the lack of a best friends feature, then fear not, as Snapchat creator Evan Spiegel tweeted that they'll be bringing it back soon, they just have a few things to work on first.

All that fuss over nothing...