Snapchat are about to overhaul the Discover feature on the popular instant-messaging app.

The Discover feature, which was launched back in January, has dropped initial content partners Yahoo and Warner Music from the news portal, and will be replacing them with Buzzfeed and iHeartRadio.

The move would seem to confirm the apps interest in the younger age demographic, which makes sense seeing as 45% of its users aged 18 and above are between 18-24. That doesn't take into account any users below that age group, which would almost definitely increase that number.

That 45% is not only the largest demographic on Snapchat, it's the largest of any social media app surveyed by Recode, meaning the Discover feature could become the latest media source for today's youth.

Discover may not be ideal for hardcore news, but the quick nature of its stories, as well as the fact that they're all video or meme based content, make it perfect not only for teenagers, but for anyone looking for short instant updates on trending topics. 

Via Wired