Every once in a while, I get approached to endorse something. As it happens, I'm a fan of vodka. Have you heard of the Smirnoff Nighlife Exchange Project? It involves 50 countries doing a celebratory switcheroo on the same night...

There will be a massive worldwide event on 12th Nov - 50 countries, 50 parties, and - as just mentioned - one night. For this big event, Ireland has paired with Thailand. There will be a huge Thailand themed night in a location in Dublin (the location hasn't been disclosed yet, iiiitts a seeeecreeeet). Funnily enough, we're hosting a competition to win tickets to this event on 12th Nov.

For those of you gagging for more information at this point, we'll hand you over to Smirnoff themselves: "Guests at the event can expect to sip on delicious drinks, enjoy the best of Thai food and dance to the hottest global entertainment and international music acts including Australian dance sensation the Potbelleez (that's them in the picture there) who will rock the dancefloor with their unique mix of dance, electro and hip hop beats. One of Australia's most loved and recognised bands today, the Potbelleez have recently performed at Electric Picnic and in Amnesia Ibiza for MTV UK. Fourplay DJ's will take to the stage before the Potbelleez and put on the ultimate show for their fans while DJ Gordo, who recently supported Calvin Harris on his Irish tour, will kick off the night in style. For updates about the event, and to purchase tickets, visit facebook.com/smirnoffireland."

Fans of Smirnoff will be thrilled to hear they're hosting 'themed' nights across Ireland. They are as follows:

Friday Sept 30th - Dublin - Krystle Nighclub are having a ‘Mumbai’ themed night

Saturday Oct 1st - Belfast - Mynt Nightclub are having a ‘Miami’ themed night

Thursday Oct 6th - Cork - Browns are having a ‘RIO’ themed night

Friday Oct 7th - Limerick - Icon Nightclub are having a ‘Miami’ themed night

Saturday Oct 15th - Carlow - Foundry nightclub are having a ‘Mumbai’ themed night