The pros to blanking procreation mount with each passing day. The usual weigh on the brain - debilitating morning sickness, up to and including three days of labour, the resulting droopage and how will the little yoke deal with the demise of the planet? But the simple truth is; I'm too negative to look after a sponge. Not a sponge on the finances (that's a given), but an innocent that soaks up emotions surrounding it. Nature predisposes personalities, but nurture plays a major part. This brings us to Ms. Winehouse, who feels most alive when she's tormented and/or teetering on the brink of reason. Then there's Mitch, who had this to blab about her chest infection: "To think this could be my beautiful 24-year-old daughter's life is preposterous. But if drugs mean more to her than breathing properly, then so be it. But the doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs it won't just ruin her voice, it will kill her. It's been a tough week. After lots of tests they found a lump in Amy's chest. A scan has shown it's not cancerous and there are no traces of cancer in her blood. But they might need to double check." Might they? Or is that just an arbitrary statement thrown out there cause he's a bit madourvit amidst the drama? (According to TMZ: "Her rep tells the Associated Press that she doesn't really have emphysema, just an early-stage condition that could lead that way"). Or maybe this is Mitch's way of warding people off a drug strewn path? In which case, the tag teaming isn't necessary; Amy's doing a damn fine job of showcasing the downside of drugs all by herself.