One of the most interesting features of the iPhone X is, apart from the price of it, is the fact that it now comes with facial recognition software.

At this week's Apple Event, it was announced that the brand-new iPhone would come with a feature which would enable users to lock their phone - and keep it locked - using their own face as the passcode. The forward camera of the phone would recognise and unlock upon seeing your face, in other words.

Well, not surprisingly, the feature prompted a number of complaints about privacy - and it's given a few sellers in China the idea to make and market protective headgear to stop iPhone Xs being unlocked.

A number of vendors on Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay, are offering headgear that they claim is "anti-facial recognition headgear" which will stop the iPhone X being unlocked. The idea is that you sleep with this thing on and it prevents suspicious partners - or anyone else for that matter - getting at your phone.

The ski masks are being offered for 39 yuan, which translates to about €5.00 in our money.