So, as we know, the new Sex And The City Advertisement For Designer Labels is due for release in May 2010. Writer/director Michael Patrick King has yet to cobble a plot together *HOOTS* but we've been informed it'll involve all four ladies, as well as Evan Handler (Harry), David Eigenberg (Steve) and Chris Noth (Big/John). I'm praying he kills one of them off... but that's unlikely as it'd mean one less character to cart fancy clothes about New York.

While Michael sits at his laptop, sucking on a lolly and dressed as Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is freaking out about the amount of time she gets to spend with her family - which makes the addition of twins to the equation the next logical step.

"It's been a complicated past few weeks. My main concern is that my husband and son have enough time. Hopefully, our son is feeling loved and taken care of (hopefully?!). I can't really complain because it's my choice to work, but that doesn't mean I don't spend a better part of the day worrying about whether my family is getting enough [time] from me... Any complications or any anxiety I feel is normal. Any mother who wants to continue to work and have a career outside the home goes through this (you know, trying to save an affair-damaged marraige by throwing twins - that didn't even result from a moment of climatic joy - into the mix. Hey, if you're crazy busy, life will just tootle on by!), so I feel very much a part of the sisterhood."

Yeeeeah, so if the film's out next May, and the woman you've paid to make twins for you is due to eject them in approximately 7 months, who's going to look after these 3 month old bundles of chaos while SJP is promoting Sex And The City Advertisement For Designer Labels II to death?

Ah, poor Ferris. Not even along for the ride... What are the bets he'll hightail it with the nanny?