It's the moment when you realise you're either made for each other, or your about to tether yourself to someone who needs a little longer on the shop floor... Unfortunately, while Siva's fiance Nareesha is into the whole fancy dress theme, she's not quite on board with the Star Wars idea. Shame, I know Warwick Davis does appearances for such things at a rather reasonable price.

The Wanted singer and his fiance, Nareesha McCaffrey, who he proposed to last December, are planning their nuptials, and though they have already agreed to ask guests to dress in a 1920s style for a Great Gatsby celebration, the 25-year-old star admits he would much prefer to pay homage to the sci-fi franchise when he ties the knot.

He said: "We're thinking of a Great Gatsby-themed wedding with costumes and all that. I want a Star Wars wedding but maybe my missus doesn't want that so we'll have to discuss it." Careful now, you may not be prepared for where that leads to...

The Wanted are of course going their separate ways once their world tour comes to an end this weekend, but Siva has vowed it doesn't mean fans have seen the last of him.

Speaking to People in a video interview, he revealed: "I'm going to move [to Los Angeles] and do a little bit of acting and obviously carry on singing."

The group announced in January they were to separate after their tour, but have insisted they are only taking a break and will work together again in the future.

They said in a statement: "This tour will be their last for a while as Tom, Max, Jay, Siva and Nathan have collectively decided to take time to pursue personal endeavours following the tour's conclusion. The band wants to stress to their fans that they will continue on as The Wanted and look forward to many successful projects together in the future. They thank their fans for their continued love and support and look forward to seeing them on tour."