Damien Dempsey has been getting a lot of praise since he intervened yesterday to save two young swimmers from difficulty in Enniscorthy.

The two young lads had gotten into trouble after one of them was struggling to stay afloat and his friend jumped in to try and help him, at which stage both of them were unable to get back out. 

Mark Ronan was on hand and related the whole story to South East Radio, saying that the guys looked to be in their twenties, and as a recently-retired member of the New Ross fire service, he realised that the situation was becoming worrying. Not being able to swim himself, Ronan went looking for someone to alert who could help, when he spotted Dempsey ditching his shoes and clothes and headed for the water. 

Using what appeared to be a sheet or a blanket, Dempsey swam out to where he was and handed the piece of material to the lads, hauling them back in. According to The Independent, the singer didn't want any praise for the incident, he simply did it because the two guys needed help. A representative of Sony Recrods confirmed that it was indeed Dempsey involved in the rescue, but that he had no further comment to make.

You can listen to the Mark Ronan's description of the scene on South East Radio over here.

Via The Independent and South East Radio