Last Thursday, Sinead O'Connor took an overdose in L.A. Then, according to The Sun, "After later being treated in an Irish hospital for a broken ankle she almost tried to kill herself AGAIN two days ago."

At the time, she Tweeted: "Does anyone know a psychiatrist in Dublin or Wicklow? I'm really unwell - and in danger."

Speaking with the paper regarding her ordeal, Sinead commented: "I took an overdose. God obviously wants me around - though I can't think why."

Because you're a mum, and you have thousands of adoring fans, and a new husband, and you have that album to release in February, and an autobiography due out, and if all of that is too much (admittedly, it's a fair whack), put some of it on the back burner.

Speaking of her fans/reputedly doting husband; Digital Spy reports, that "O'Connor assured fans on Twitter last night (January 11) that she had a selection of 'numbers, contacts, etc now and appointments' after appealing for treatment. The 45-year-old also spoke of the effect that her depression was having on new husband Barry Herridge, writing: "so me start meds for few weeks just they say to lift out of apres marital abuse of innocent hubby by nasty ppl depression. (sic). hard if u see someone u love bein hurt cus of u is all.. f*x self esteem.. which aint always massive for any of us... he gentle soft heart.. not bitch like me.. he a flower.. me nuh like see him hurt.. he me angel.' When a follower asked her what medication she had been put on, O'Connor said that she would be on 'low doses... nothing dumbing' for six weeks. She also told her Twitter followers that they should not feel 'ashamed to reach out' for help with mental health issues."