Well, it is miserable out, and therefore a perfect morning to pen yet another musing to Miley Cyrus a year on since their last feud.

In a post on her site entitled "Urgent! Does Anyone Know The Whereabouts Of This Girl’s Parents?" along with a photo of Miley chowing down on a load of dollar bills, Sinead said:

"No human being on earth would be photographing, filming or watching my child-like looking daughter dressed as a stripper with a load of cash stuck in her mouth. Hello? Is anyone seriously calling this female empowerment?"

No doubt bringing her parents into the equation is likely to incense Miley no end, especially since she's now 21-years-old and proper grown up 'n stuff. She can dress and do whatever she likes, right? Thing is, Sinead essentially believes Miley has been groomed by the "evil" industry to sexualise minors. And, has to be said, after reading her theory she may have a point:

"I am not suggesting Miley is consciously engaging in the sexualisation of minors. Of course not. But I am stating she unconsciously is. And that the industry knows full well what it is doing... Whether or not these artists feel its their ‘choice’ to be sold on the basis of their sexuality is beside the point. THEIR UNDER-AGE AUDIENCES HAVE BEEN GIVEN NO CHOICE AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THEY WISH TO BE SEXUALISED BEFORE THEIR NATURAL TIME. This photo is the very image of what the industry has done to music and musician... We’re to look sexy and shut up. And we do it for the money."

Miley took to her Twitter the last time Sinead penned her an open letter. There's nothing gracing her wall as yet, and given Sinead allegedly threatened legal action over the 21-year-old's posts questioning the latter's mental health, one can assume Miley will be remaining somewhat tight-lipped on the subject. Somewhat.

In ENTIRELY unrelated news, Sinead has just released a new music video for 8 Good Reasons. Just saying.