So, this is the fourth man lucky enough to become Sinead O'Connor's husband. indeed, @ShankillDublin, you were correct *hands head* - Sinead never wed John Waters, she in fact made (not that) John Reynolds husband number one in 1994. He also became the father of her first child. Then there was husband number two in the form of journalist Nick Sommerland in 2002. Following him, there was the relationship with John Waters, who gave her child number two. Following that, we have the hoo hah with Frank Bonadio (he who used to be married to Mary Coughlan. That didn't end well). She had another child with him. Then there was the marriage to husband number 4, Austrian Steve Cooney. She also had a child with Donal Lunny.

Now that we're all up to speed; husband number 4 is one Barry Herridge from Raheny. You might recall Sinead launched a search for male company during the summer, whereupon we all became all too familiar with her sexual preferences. Well, this is how she came to know Barry.

Speaking of her latest union to The Irish Sun, Sinead said: "I'm so happy. I really can't tell you how happy I am. I had the most horrible year so this i such a nice way to end the terrible time I went through. I'm completely infatuated - it's the best birthday present ever... I've been with Barry since August - he was the only applicant from my search I actually went to meet. He's been asking me to marry him every day since the day we met and he's a wonderful man. This is my dream wedding since I was a kid. I've always dreamt about getting married in Vegas - Elvis isn't going to be there though... We'll have some smooching and some cuddles, go through the drive-thru and then head back to the hotel for more!"

Thankfully she stopped there. Don't think I could handle the "difficult brown" conversation again... Instead she continued with details of what today's nuptials will involve: "I have a gorgeous new dress that I bought just yesterday that I'm going to wear. The ring I have is a gorgeous gold Claddagh one with a little red stone and I'm just so happy."

Barry, who's an addiction counsellor by trade don't you know (feel free to pick up on that), then managed to get a word in: "This will be my first and my last time to get married because there's no-one else in the world for me. I knew from the minute I met her that she is the one. I've always admired her and respected her and was over the moon when we met and I just feel for Sinead completely. My family are thrilled about the whole thing. Everyone has been very supportive and my parents are delighted. It's going to be amazing - she's the woman of my dreams and I love everything about her."

Naaaaw. That's nice, Barry. A drive-thru wedding that costs $60, no wonder you're her number one fan. Seriously though, such a wedding is every girls' dream. Well, mine... Think about it - you, the person you're "infatuated" with, and two witnesses to enjoy a soiree with after, then you can gamble 'til dawn before heading off to a classy lap-dancing joint. Who says romance is dead?!