Not to Debbie Harry, you understand. Although stranger things have happened.

In some slightly inconvenient news, apparently we're going to have to take Sinead O'Connor off the list of Deadliest Catch nominees… She's getting married in the moooorning, ding dong the bells are gonna chiiiiiiime *high kicks around desk*

According to @MisiJenkins, she's just made the announcement on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show. Details to follow. It's unconfirmed as to whether the marriage is a direct result of her Eric nomination, but we'll presume as much until we're informed otherwise.

If indeed she is getting married, it will be her fourth time. The last one was an Austrian musician by the indigenous-sounding name of Steve Cooney. She announced that union on her website with the words "We who run this site are very happy to announce the marriage of Steve Cooney and Sinéad O'Connor has taken place this morning. Thanks be to the Great Lord Jah. Rastafarai. Dread I. Conquering Lion I. One love" It also showed a photo of the couple kissing in what appears to be an abandoned church in the presence of a bemused looking van driver.

Prior to that, she had a penchant for writers, what with her first marriage to John Waters, followed by her nuptials to Nick Sommerlad. After the break up of the latter marriage, Sinead said she'd "never marry again."

So who's going to take her place on our wee list? She's currently fourth in the running, behind Katie Van Buren, Laura Whitmore and Tommy Bowe.

We are, of course, open to suggestions. Get cracking in the comments section below. More importantly, if you happen to know who the new groom is, feel free to leave some hints regarding that too.