It must be SO hard being a showbiz mom. Having to be seen parading around with a much younger, hotter version of yourself. Then again, the paychecks and reflected glory must be a bonus. Take Jessica Simson's ma, Tina, for example (the one that looks like Lynn Spears). Instead of smiling professionally and keeping her trap shut while in the presence of her daughter, she was just so thrilled to be asked something by the press she came out with this clanger regarding Jessica's romantic status: "Jessica is already married to Tony! What are you talking about?" (the superhero named Tony is of course Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboy's quarterback who's been playing badly since Jessica's da/nager [yeah, doesn't work quite as well] pimped his daughter out to him) Naturally Jessica giggled, adding, "Well I guess if my mom said it, it must be true!" My, Joe has her trained well. When previously asked about marrying Jessica, Romo said: "I mean, it's just rumours. That's what people say. I'm sure I'll get married one day. I don't know when." When you find another great mind on a par with yours?