The advent of social media has meant that news stations can and do receive tips online via Facebook and Twitter with a lot of regularity.

In fact, a lot of news stories can develop from a tip-off from someone sending an innocuous message. Of course, the responsibility is in checking these stories out. 7 News in Australia received a number of tips and images from various people over a period of about two weeks for various stories.

The catch, however, was that they were all episodes of The Simpsons. Example?

The campaign was waged by Four Finger Discount, a podcast that's based out of Australia and reviews old and new Simpsons episodes. Their antics inspired fans of the podcast to conduct their own trolling campaigns, many of which had varying results.


Bonus points if you can name the car.






Obviously, we're not advocating for clogging up tip-lines and stuff, but this is pretty damn funny. Expect to see this replicated across various news outlets with even more obscure Simpsons screenshots.


Via Facebook / Four Finger Discount