It would seem Paris wasn't bluffing when she said she wanted to move to London. She's after forking over £850k for an East End abode which was once a Victorian brothel, as well as a former "gin palace, Chinese restaurant and an opium den."

A source said: "Metal joists where clients were manacled to the wall for their own pleasure have been sympathetically restored (aww) so the juicy past of the place isn't lost. It's thought that sailors, pirates and vagabonds made the short journey from the Thames to smoke opium and indulge in their wildest fantasies after months at sea. Paris really appreciated the quirkiness of the place - and the knockdown price for such a unique building - and immediately put in an offer." Paris said: "It's just beautiful. It doesn't have regular rooms but is more like a maze."

Yet another fine example of like attracting like.