Simon Cowell. Bit of a tool? yes. But expert business man? Also yes.

In news that will send One Direction fans into a complete and utter frenzy, a move that - I'm assuming - will restore X Factor's TV ratings to those of its glory days, Cowell has hinted at hiring Harry Styles as the next big X Factor judge. He also thinks Louis Tomlinson would work out well in that role too. We agree. They certainly know how it works having been through the whole process themselves. While this'd be a no-brainer for X Factor bosses, the 1D boys certainly don't need the platform; there's no shortage of knicker-throwing girls where they're concerned and they've pretty much already taken over the world.

When asked about who he'd like to see take to the panel next Simon said: 'It would probably be between Louis and Harry.' Simon then joked with his US X Factor co-host Demi Lovato saying: 'Demi, you would probably choose Niall.' Apparently she has a crush on him.

Should the band ever split, we reckon Niall would be the best bet. A younger, cuter Louis.

Good move? Bad move? Don't care?