Technically, it could be tomorrow, depending on how long the labour lasts, but we're guessing that by the end of today the baby spawn of Simon Cowell will be gracing the planet! Not that it will change his life much, or anything... He's already said he's not going to touch off any nappies - but more on that in a bit. are reporting that journalist Dan Wootton has kind've given the game away. He's just announced that Simon will be absent from today's recording of Britain's Got Talent (plug) because he will be at the bedside/at least in the vicinity of Lauren Silverman as their baby is "on its way."

Silverman's due date was never released, but everyone guessed it was around February.

So, to the touchy subject of nappies/not being around much. According to the Daily Mirror he said: "I haven't changed a nappy before and I won't. I just can't do it,' adding, 'I would like to be at the birth... but a little bit far away."

The 54-year-old star reportedly had a private jet on standby as Lauren is based in New York and Simon is currently in the UK for the new series of BGT.

Talking about impending fatherhood, he said: "It hasn't arrived yet but it is not going to change too much. I got the dogs in first and had a good time with them. Lauren knows what my work schedule is so she is cool with that and we will travel a little bit. We made the decision to come back to the UK and she wants to live here for a while."

In other words, Lauren, yer on yer own. 

Speaking at the BGT auditions in Hammersmith earlier in the week, Simon said: "I am keeping my phone on during auditions 100 percent. If it happens I just have to go and dash onto a plane. I probably will be nervous when it all happens. I am going to watch 'Father of the Bride' tonight to get used to that." 

At least watch One Born Every Minute, you wuss.