Simon Cowell decided the time was right to bare all to Oprah and the entire world, over a cuppa nonetheless, about leaving American Idol and his soon to be Mrs.

In a candid interview with Ms Winfrey, the acerbic judge told her on Thursday: "I'm leaving probably for the same reasons you left. You just know that time's up. I remember the first year when we did this, and it was like an adventure, and I loved that, not knowing if it would be successful..the buzz, and we were kind of making it up every week. I loved that buzz. It was fun. I've always promised myself I would leave before I was forced to go." Cowell will quit American Idol when the current season ends next week, so he can concentrate on launching a US version of, The X Factor.

As Oprah and Simon sipped on their cup of Tetley, the subject matter changed to Simon's impending marriage to Mezghan Hussainy. He said "It's good, because I've never been very good at relationships to be honest with you. I've been friends with all my exes so that's worked well. But I never thought I would be with one person, and now I think I will."

-Alicia Coyle