Simon Cowell's being a bit arsy regarding the transmission time of Strictly Come Dancing, which makes a change:

"This is nothing more than being pathetic, childish and doing a disservice to people who pay the licence fee. We don't pay the licence fee for people to play games with ratings. It is completely and utterly wrong. We gave them the choice last year about time slots but they have this obsession with competing with us... I would suggest they put it on a bit earlier in the afternoon because their audience is older. I am being serious. Then they can have a nap afterwards if it finishes at six."

All fair points. Especially about the nap thing.

There is some comforting news; Strictly's launch doesn't clash with X Factor. It's being aired at 6.25pm on September 11th: "Tess Daly and (the shuffling cadaver that is) Bruce Forsyth will return to reveal the 14 celebrities that are taking part in this year's competition in a one-hour special at 6.25pm on BBC One. The X Factor airs on the same evening at the slightly later time of 7.45pm."

Well that is relief. There I was going to go to the insurmountable bother of engaging momentarily with the Sky Box.

Yep. Another slow news day... With the exception of Axl Rose being precious, and the unveiling of one Ben Collins as The Stig (some say that his revelation is inconsequential, and quite frankly a let down after Schumacher had a go off helmet that time. All we know is we'll keep on calling him The Stig)... Soooo, yeah. Anyone got any jokes?