Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman made their first public appearance together since the news of her pregnancy in London last night, as Cowell dined with who else but old reliable Louis Walsh.

Cowell and Silverman it seems have officially cemented their relationship with the blessing of Louis, who probably gets to make calls on a lot of Simon's choices in life (due to the dirt he has on him we imagine). The trio were dining in a posh eatery in Chelsea and were caught leaving by the paps, and so of course Simon decided this was the perfect time to plant one on Lauren. Never misses a PR opportunity does he? How much says he's the one who tipped the paparazzi in the first place.

Simon and Lauren are supposedly in London to meet his mum for the first time, seeing as she's bringing her granddaughter and probably the luckiest child in show business after Blue Ivy into the world. There are also those rumours about the mysterious fifth judge that's being added to the X Factor this year, so with Simon in town does this mean we'll be seeing him back on our screens once it's announced tomorrow?