If Pharrell Williams could clone himself, he would. Not just for the sake of total narcissism; more for the increased surface area to cater to his tattoo obsession. Since cloning is still a few years away, the producer has gone for the next best thing according to The Mirror - he's getting some dudes in North Carolina to grow him some extra skin: "It's going to be pricey, but f*** it, it's worth it. I got fire on my arms; I don't need fire on my arms! I'm a grown man (who's willing to pay hunderds of thousands to grow more skin so he can have more tatoos)... There's an institute called the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment. It's basically like getting a skin graft, but you're not taking skin from your ass or legs - these guys actually grow the skin for you. First you have to give them a sample of your skin, which they then replicate. Once that's been done, they sew it on - and it's seamless." Surely he could just stick a non fire-related tatoo on his chest, or something? That's usually where tatoos locate to when arm town is filled to capacity. Assuming this is fact and not just an elaborate piss-rip out of the 3am Girls - I have more questions, like how could he not wind up looking like an attractive Frankenstein? Or get an extra inch thicker on certain parts of his body? In which case, will his head look more pea-like than ever? Does he have to forgo exfoliating for a time period? Hang on... is this how Michael Jackson turned himself white?!

Why not indulge in some more sweaty photos of Pharrell, in the company of N.E.R.D. They were taken at Roter Salon (a venue evidently devoid of air conditioning) in Berlin last Friday. Is it me, or is he the spit of Christiano Ronaldo in this one?