As much as some people love Britney Spears and would no doubt crawl on their hands and knees to see her play a concert, others are apparently less taken by her music and stage persona.

So it goes that one man - who found himself in the middle of last night's 3Arena concert for Britney Spears - seems to have been a little bit out of place, maybe a little bit bored, and curious as to what was happening in the League of Ireland and took out his phone, opened up an episode of 'Soccer Republic' and decided to take in a few minutes between Pitbull and Britney.

And then he's captured on social media for all to see.

Like, it's fine. Couples can have separate interests and you don't need to go to the same things together. Maybe he wanted to be there and just wanted to check in on the football at the same time. Maybe he also wanted to check out the Liverpool and Crystal Palace fixture last night, and that contentious penalty by James Millner.

The big question is: how'd he manage to get decent reception in there? 3Arena is notoriously poor for getting a signal during a gig.