Do you enjoy a tin of Cadbury's Roses around Christmas?

Or possibly even during the year? Perhaps when you're at home visiting the parents or, y'know, someone's feeling generous in the office or at work.

We've got some rather shocking and dismaying news - the Cadbury's Roses tin is set to shrink in size. YET AGAIN.

The American corporate overlords at Cadbury's have opted to reduce the size of a Roses tin from 753g down to 729g, removing 24g of chocolatey goodness in the process.

Shameful. Just shameful.

There's more bad news, unfortunately. Despite reducing the size of the tin, the prices are expected to remain the same.

What's more, the infamous foil wrappers are being done away with in favour of a 'flow' design that will seal up the chocolate inside instead of lovingly wrapped within.

It's a shameful, shameful change to a stalwart Christmas treat and we will tirelessly campaign for its return to a more traditional chocolate.

We're now accepting names for our campaign. Here's what we've got so far.

- The I-Own-Roses Institute

- Chocolate Defence

- Foil Wrappers and Bigger Tin Sizes Matter