And the good news is that anyone can watch along with him! Quick, before something more important comes along... You can tune in here via Last time we looked at him, he was blinking A LOT. Oh, and then he left... Presumably he's coming back? That or he's just really not into Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, which was on while this screen grab of his vacant chair was taken. 

According to AVClub.Com: "At this very moment, the Holes star is sitting in New York's Angelika Film Center, six hours into a three-day, backward-looking, reverse-chronological examination of his own contribution to cinema. (Going off of this schedule, tweeted by Rolling Stone’s David Ehrlich, he’s most of the way through Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 at the moment, and could probably use a bag of popcorn and a box of Mike & Ikes to cleanse his palate.)

This "LaBeoufathon" extravaganza will reportedly run non-stop 'til Thursday morning, "when it will conclude with a screening of 1998’s classic Breakfast With Einstein, where a Cheech Marin-voiced dog introduced a young LaBeouf to a grateful movie-going world."

It's not quite running around a museum while tethered to fans in Amsterdamn, or putting a paper bag on his head at a premiere, or inviting you to watch him cry during a particularly long art installation (although, that could happen here too) but it's up there.