Actresses are stunning creatures. While their male counterparts get to don gloves and cling to a semi-clad loved one for warmth on a freezing December night, actresses disrobe in the rain and smile through the pain.

Take the female cast members of Sherlock Holmes who attended the film's premiere last night in dismal Leicester Square. Rachel McAdams just about kept up the pretence of joy at having a near-nude torso. So concerned was she about getting the all-important dress ruined, an aide was employed to hold her skirt aloft. That or Rachel was ordered to also show off the shoes at some point. In fact, you can almost read her thoughts here: "BBRRRRRRRR - F***! JESUS. OK... Ok, ok... Hello?! It's time to showcase theses shoes which are (possibly) CRIPPILING ME. I'd lift up the dress myself but my FINGERS are so COLD they'll probably snap RIGHT off. MAN, why wasn't I born with a wang. " As for fellow cast member Kelly Reilly, it was a simple case of "Ah, piss. I look like some dog has cocked a leg in my direction. Oh well. Chin up, girl. Still. Must. Act. Fabulous... even though I could very well have several forms of E.coli lingering around the hem of my dress."

It's not just actresses who can pretend they're enjoying something they couldn't possibly find amusing, female presenters are also known for their ability to grin and bare it. Good evenng,  Jenny Falconer. You can tell just how Baltic the conditions were by peering at the people in the background, and not just those dudes who are enjoying the show. Look at these people behind Heather Graham. One lady looks like she's being consumed by her scarf. The rest are hiding under hats as the contents of their noses cascade down their faces. It looks FREEZING. And I wouldn't mind, but Heather wasn't even in the film. She just happened to be in the area as she's currently hawking The Hangover on DVD.

To be fair, though, she does have her arms covered, which is something. In fact, given her jubilant posing ("Time to take the jacket off! OOOOH yes! LOVE that cold. CHIN UP!"), I bet she's smuggling a thermal body under there. Someone else who favours health over laying their lungs and bones open to all manners of chills is Gwen Stefani, who looked marvellous (is it me, or is Gavin Rossdale gradually transforming into David Byrne). Robert Downey JR's missus, on the other hand, thought it sufficient cover to come as part disco ball. Maybe she was hoping all the refracted light from the pap flashes would great some kind of warm atmosphere around her. Then again, she is rubbing up against Downey JR (hot).

In short, while the ladies grimace a perma-grin against the cold, the men still have sufficient blood flow to their faces to bust out their version of getting their kit off in the cold - the whacky expression. Here's looking at you Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Law and official Westlife mouthpiece, Mr. Egan.